About World Game Clock

  • By signing in you align your efforts with a community of like minded players towards a positive solution focused outcome in a selected key area.  With our various games we all stay connected.
  • The World Game Clock is a measure of time/effort we put into the World Game.
  • It measures the number registered World Game Players.
  • The second measure of the World Game Clock is the number of goals/milestones achieved on the road towards a larger personal objective.

How it works

  • First register as a World Game Player. Every player who registers successfuly will move the pictogram: Number of Players by +1.
  • Next, log in and go to: My Profile/ My Pledges and fill in your World Game overview pledge to specify the aim of your game.  What do you want to accomplish? Make sure you have picked a game that satisfies your own criteria in terms of meaningfulness, creativity, shining moments, and results to be achieved.  Pick a category from the list so we all know  something about the areas people are working on.
  • Then continue to my Action Plan and specify your plan for action in the broader framework of your selected Pledge.
  • Upon your next login you can go the Action plan section of My Profile and tick off a finished Goal. This will move the pictogram: Number of Points by +1.
  • The two pictograms of concentric circles encodes the number of players and the number of goals/milestones respectively.
  • Each circle encodes a digit by its size from 0 to 9 in ten steps, followed by 10 to 100 in ten steps etc. starting from inside out.
  • The whole process is based on self assessment of tasks of minimum size of 3 continuous hours of work on a timescale ranging from 1 day to two weeks.
  • The statistic from the World Game Clock will be presented in Bali.